Planning & Preparation

The preparations for the USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) AMOEBA RACES 21 are in full swing.

AMOEBA RACES 21 kicks off Monday morning, 30 AUG 2021 at 1000 with our main event, the Wekiva Island Outing, and continues for the first day or so of the USSVI Convention, where thirteen other boats are also having reunions.



  1. We are coordinating our reunion with the USSVI convention in Orlando to take advantage of their negotiated rates at the Rosen Shingle Creek Orlando hotel.
  2. The USSVI convention runs from 30 AUG 2021 to 04 SEP 2021.
  3. The Wekiva Island Outing will be an all day (1000 to 2100) affair at the Wekiva Island resort on 30 AUG 2021.
    1. The Wekiva Island resort will provide us with two cabanas for our use.
    2. Food will be provided for an awesome barbeque, including pork, brisket, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, veggie plate and assorted fruit.
    3. Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided (soda, water, etc.)
    4. Swimming is available along the boardwalk of the Wekiva Island resort.
    5. We will have a few kayaks available for cruising the river. Additional kayaks may be rented from the facility.
    6. The Wekiva Island resort has a large beer and wine selection available for purchase (not included in the event fee).
    7. Parking is limited at Wekiva Island so please take advantage of the transportation your shipmates have volunteered to provide from the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort to/from Wekiva Island. We’ll publish transportation details prior to the event.
  4. Many of us will also be attending the USSVI Welcome Party at the Rosen Shingle Creek on 31 AUG 2021. The Welcome Party is a separate event, and reservations must be arranged through the USSVI.
  5. Other potential activities available are listed on the USSVI Convention website as well as the THE REUNIONS >> AMOEBA RACES 21 pages of the website.
  6. There are 13 other boats that will be holding their reunions this week also. Some of you that were on more than 1 boat may have the opportunity to attend additional reunions.



  1. The USSVI negotiated hotel rate of $105/night (plus taxes).wekiva island 02
  2. The USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) AMOEBA RACES 21, including the Wekiva Island Outing will cost each shipmate $35.00 (payable through the website) and $10 for each spouse/significant other. (This is to cover the cabana rental and food/beverages.
  3. Wekiva Island will charge each person a $2.00 entry fee when they enter the resort. This is not included in the event costs.
  4. The USSVI Convention registration fee is $25. We encourage you to register with the USSVI as well. Please refer to the USSVI Convention website for the costs associated with their specific events.
  5. We have available to pre-order a “Goodie Bag” containing various USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) memorabilia, including a Billy B. ball cap and various other surprises. Cost of the goodies is $30.00, payable through the website, and must be paid in advance, by 01 AUG 2021.



  1. RSVP and make payment at USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) AMOEBA RACES 21. While there, pre-pay for the Goodie Bag if desired. Payment for the USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) AMOEBA RACES 21/Wekiva Island Outing and Goodie Bag must be made before 01 AUG 2021.
  2. Book your hotel reservation using this link from the USSVI Convention website.
  3. Please register for the USSVI Convention and any other USSVI coordinated activities using the link on the USSVI Convention website.
  4. Make your travel arrangements as soon as possible. The airlines are expecting a very busy summer.



  1. Swim suits (towels provided)wekiva island 06
  2. Shorts/leisure beach wear
  3. Your camera/cell phone for recording memorable moments
  4. Good sea stories, and good humor, in case some the sea stories are about you!



Chuck Phillippe
Just a quick FYI. The main stream media has us all dying from COVID in Florida. Nothing could be further from the truth. But there is a really nasty upper respiratory infection that is making its way through the area. Actually Cyndie and our younger son caught it in Illinois. In Florida our bookkeeper myself and many people we know have had it. Symptoms similar to any upper respiratory infection including COVID or Aka. the China Virus. It mimics a severe allergy attack too. Pack your vitamin C & Zinc! The Dr. says it actually bio not viral.
Dave Gordon
Thanks Chuck--just as long as there are no baluets, then I'll be a happy camper.


Chuck Phillippe
I'm planning the menu for the outing. I have the usual picnic fair in mind. BBQ, briquet, pork etc. Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans. Vegi tray, and fruit. Soda I have zero Woke Coke products, bottled water, assorted soft drinks, Pellegrino and diet soda. Chips and other Munchi stuff. I am open to suggestions if there are any particular requests. Sorry no Balut or Monkey on -a-stick, BBQ's Dog or Cat is included.

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