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Just a quick update on this years Amoeba Races 21, at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL, scheduled for 1000 30 AUG 2021 until you decide to give up or the end of the USSVI Convention on 03 SEP 2021.

Those who have already registered and paid include:

  • Frank Allen
  • John Connon
  • Ken Crosby
  • Randall Davis & Gloria
  • Bob Emmitt
  • Dave Gordon
  • Mark Herber
  • Paul Huber & spouse
  • Michael Jack
  • Lee Johnson
  • Randy Kahl
  • Jerry Lundquist
  • Carlos Manzo
  • Chuck Phillippe & Cyndie
  • Terry Stanley

In addition, Chris Watson and Matt Crossley have indicated they are attending, but have not finalized their registration as of this date.

The main event will be the Wekiva Island Outing at the Wekiva Island Resort just north of Orlando on Monday, 30 AUG 2021, 1000-2100, which includes a genuine Chuck Phillippe barbecue, drinks and snacks of all sorts, beach cabanas on the river, reconnecting with shipmates, and probably many lifetimes of not-to-be-missed sea stories. (If you aren’t there, you won’t be able to defend yourself!)

The USSVI Convention this year is being held at the Shingle Creek, along with thirteen other boat reunions, so there will be plenty to do and plenty of catching up with old friends.

It’s not too late to register and attend, so if you don’t want to miss out, follow the links below for more information and registration.

If you still need a hotel room, I have two reserved that I will not be using - see the Two Rooms Available article below (in the Familygram) or on the SSN-680 P.O.D. on the website.

There is not a moment to lose!

Mark Herber
Reunion and Convention 2021
Well, It looks like I will not be able to attend the Amoeba races and the convention. Please keep the money and have a drink on me.

Mark "Erb" Herber

Frank Allen
Amoeba races
Sorry to hear that Mark. I'll raise a glass of good beer to ya!

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