Written by USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) submariners Dean Macris (73-75) and Tim Mazza (73-76), Moral Revenge is a work of fiction about family, honor, devotion, and revenge set in the world of fast-attack submarines. When global events, egos, and naval careers drive the United States Navy to use Vice Admiral Alexis Kochenko as a scapegoat it shakes him and his family to its core.

Finding himself inadvertently complicit in a corrupt consortium jeopardizing the safety of the elite submarine service that he and his son have committed their lives to, the Admiral is consumed protecting the family name and the legacy his Lithuanian immigrant parents had so hoped to create.

Torn by revenge, patriotism and honor, the Admiral’s son, John Kochenko, the commanding officer of one of the Navy’s newest nuclear fast attack submarines, the USS REDFISH (SSN 68X), risks everything as he leads a select group of crew members to do the unthinkable. In apparent disregard for his family tenets, John sets out to right the wrong done to his father, simultaneously exposing the consortium in hopes to save his family, the United States Submarine Service, and the country from an unimaginable fate.

Moral Revenge triggers every human emotion, leading you to ask the crucial question: “Was this final act justified?”


What readers have to say…

“Let me be upfront with anyone who reads this commentary regarding the novel Moral Revenge. I served with the authors in the early 1970’s on a US Navy fast-attack nuclear submarine at the height of the Cold War and each of us has maintained a close friendship since those days.

Moral Revenge is one of many Cold War submarine related novels to be published recently. A work of fiction, the authors have nicely woven a tale that is not probable but certainly plausible. In doing so they have clearly captured fast-attack submarine life. This clear picture includes the life style, jargon, crew member assignments, and the cultural aspects of submarine life. The reader will be intrigued by the fast moving plot, but perhaps more importantly, the reader will become very well versed in submarine operations and capabilities. Even folks with no submarine experience or knowledge will feel as if they are witnessing and understanding the peculiarities of submarine life!

As the authors have clearly stated, this book triggers every human emotion, and begs the individual reader to ask if the actions of a few highly capable and well trained individuals were justified!

I would recommend this fine novel to anyone who yearns for a fast moving tale involving ‘engineering works of art’; the nuclear powered fast attack submarine!”

~ Al Konetzni Jr.
Vice Admiral USN (retired)
Former Commander of US Submarines in the Pacific


Very good story line, was hooked right from the beginning.


Being a surface sailor, I have always had deep respect for the sub surface sailors, the life they live, the sacrifices all these submariners make, going under the surface for months on end.


It was a good read, I only hope what was portrayed was fiction, and never happened. Loved it from start to finish.


I found the book very interesting and a good read. The story kept my interest throughout.


As a former submariner from the era of the 70's. I was wrapped up in the story and the details had me thinking and feeling like I was back on board my old boat. I could again feel the boat move and I could hear the sounds of the boat. It was a great voyage. Thanks to the authors for a great trip.


Strap in and get ready, this is one book you don't want to miss.


This book was amazing from beginning to end. The storyline was great. Kept my interest and was hard to put down. Action, mystery, adventure and gives you the feeling of such a strong family bond. Great read! I highly recommend it!


Absorbing work of fiction that seems like it could be real. Very well-written by two Cold War Era submariners. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys military topics. You’ll learn a lot about submarines, and develop a deeper appreciation for those who serve!


This storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brilliant writing with the most incredible details that make it so real, you will think you lived it. Please bring us more.


Book was well written and most factual in the submarine information. I highly recommend this for the people whose father read books about Submarines.


sm covers moral revenge



The book is currently available at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT, the book alone is available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble in both print and Kindle versions.

Banks Square Books contact information: 53 West Main St., Mystic, CT 06355 | 860-536-3795 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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