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Found this newsletter in a box of stuff I'd forgotten about. Seems Admiral Rickover visited the Trident (S8G) prototype at the Ballston Spa Nuclear Power Training Unit (Kesselring Site) on Friday, March 14th, 1980. Now by itself this wouldn't be a big deal (unless you were an Admiral Rickover fan) but this is the visit I refer to in the Sea Story, "Admiral Rickover, I Relieve You!", which is a must-read (if I do say so myself) sea story that didn't take place at sea!



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When the top photo was taken, I was sitting at the RPCP between the Admiral and the photographer, leaning back against the EOOW's desk, to stay out of the photo (at the photographer's request). Otherwise, I'd have a photo of the Admiral and myself, chillaxin' in Manuevering. The Electrical Operator was Tim Autrey, currently owner and CEO of Practicing Perfection Institute. The Throttleman was Earl Barnes, and the EOOW Doug Bishop if I recall correctly.

Note the Propulsion Plant Status Board, which occupies the bulkhead under the clock behind the Congressman has been edited out of the photo to protect sensitive classified information - must have been quite a project in the days before Photoshop!

But you really need to read the story, to get the full effect!


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