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I understand that this is the only set of benchboards accessible by the public. I have been told that they are currently on display in the Smithsonian in a well-done submarine exhibit. I'm not sure what plant they are from, but looking at the EPCP and RPCP, it is certainly not an S5W. Anybody know the history?



Benchboards prior to installation in exhibit.



Benchboards in position for permanent installation.




Close up of the Steam Plant Control Panel

Brian Bell
This “cleared” concoction is at the Naval History Museum on board the Washington DC Navy Yard.
Brian Martz
Here is a link I found about the Smithsonian display.

And from another site..
"The Maneuvering Station that will be on display was removed from the decommissioned USS SANDLANCE (SSN 660)." Many of the other items in the display came from the USS Polk

2 photos from the exhibit from another site.

From what I have seen the display was up from 2000-2003. I don't think its up anymore. But I might be wrong.
"the Smithsonian Museum of American History's submarine exhibit, opened April 2000 and will remain open until April 2003."

Brian Rees
I currently visit DC WAY too much(!) and spend a fair amount of time in museums on the mall during the weekends. I haven't seen the exhibit...any leads on where it might be?

Brian Rees

Sean Gawne
Brad, I don't know the pedigree of the maneuvering room boards, but I did see this exhibit at the Smithsonian. It was put together for the Submarine Service 100th anniversary in 1999, and I visited in 2000 with the wife and kids. I took a lot of pictures before I realized I had no film in the camera - doh! I do recall that the control room and scuttle (head) were taken from SSN-679, our sister ship. Quite a lot of things were declassified but the reactor power meter was still removed, also the ship's speed indicator.

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