Upload your images to your profile and Shipmate Galleries!
Upload your images to your profile and Shipmate Galleries!
  • Photos you uploaded to ssn-680.org becoming available on coldwarboats.org.
  • All photos to date available at HOMEPORT >> SHIPMATE GALLERIES.
  • Your photos are also visible on your user profile.
  • Uploading photos can be done by any registered and logged in user.

Having never heard a discouraging word from my shipmates, I suspect many of you haven’t noticed. But surely some of you eagle-eyed observer types have been wondering where the photos you uploaded back in 2009-2011 went. 

The good news is, they were never lost, just hiding away in the bowels of our server. During our conversion to Cold War Boats, starting back in 2018, and our last big software upgrade back in 2022, the software that supported displaying those images got left behind. The vendors that supplied those tools were having a hard time making them work under the new content management system upgrades, and still, to this date, haven’t been able to provide a reliable working model.

So, as experienced during our extended training missions with limited supply support, we had to find a work-around, and I’m pleased to announce that all those images you uploaded, and we are talking thousands here, are now (or soon will be!) accessible in our Shipmate Galleries. 

Shipmate Galleries are a feature associated with your User Profile, which is accessible by clicking on your name under the Current Watchsection listing in the upper right-hand column of every page once you’ve logged in.

Toward the bottom of your profile, you’ll find the Gallery tab, which displays any images that you have already uploaded, and lets you create new albums and upload all manner of media, from photos, pdfs, videos, and audio tracks. Those will remain permanently attached to your profile for as long as it exists.

To make it easy for all your shipmates to view your images, anything you upload will also appear under HOMEPORT >> SHIPMATE GALLERIES and are organized by Most Recent, or by Title, so you can find what your shipmates have added without going to each profile.

Nothing special required - simply log in and start uploading your photos. Create albums to so they can be sorted by hull number, year, and/or topic as determined by the individual poster. Look under SHIPMATE GALLERIES to see what others have posted.

Not all images are available yet, so don’t be surprised if yours are missing or incomplete - the process for moving them into the new system is slow and tedious, but I’m working on them. Patience is a virtue, but don’t be afraid to reach out if you are wondering where yours are.

You must be registered and logged in to upload photos and files, and all uploads are moderated after upload and before they will be visible to others outside your profile.

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