External Web Links

External Web Links

A collection of external websites of interest to members of the Cold War Boats Association.

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Websites associated with specific submarines, of all classes, nations, and vintage. For changes or additions, please contact your Site Lead or the Lead Administrator.

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Submarine sites not associated with a particular boat and providing general submarine related information.

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Organizations dedicated to the support, preservation, and furtherance of the submarine community.

reunion 03Other sites related to reunions of interest to Cold War Boats Association members, or sites providing general reunion support. For command specific reunions organized and listed through Cold War Boats, see HOMEPORT >> SOCIAL ACTIVITY >> REUNIONS >> SCHEDULED REUNIONS.

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Submarine museums and memorials around the world.


U.S. Naval Institute News

  • Report to Congress on Chinese Nuclear and Missile Proliferation
    The following is the Feb. 1, 2023, Congressional Research Service In Focus report, Chinese Nuclear and Missile Proliferation. From the report The U.S. government has continued to express concerns about China’s record concerning the proliferation of nuclear- and missile-related technologies to other countries, with more recent focus on the threat of Chinese acquisition of U.S.-origin […]
  • Losing Crimea Would Escalate Russian-Ukraine Conflict, Former Defense Secretary Says
    Losing Crimea, which holds an important naval base in Sevastopol, to Ukraine would cross a “real red line” for Russia and likely risk an escalation of the ongoing war, a former U.S. defense secretary said Wednesday. Reclaiming Crimea would be “an exceptionally difficult fight” because Russian President Vladimir Putin attaches so much importance to it, […]
  • CBO Report on U.S. Hypersonic Weapons and Alternatives
    The following is the Jan. 31, 2023, Congressional Budget Office report, U.S. Hypersonic Weapons and Alternatives. From the report The Army, Navy, and Air Force are each developing hypersonic missiles—nonnuclear offensive weapons that fly faster than five times the speed of sound and spend most of their flight in the Earth’s atmosphere. Those missiles are […]
  • U.S., Philippines Add Four More Sites to EDCA Military Basing Agreement  
    MANILA – The United States and the Philippines have designated four additional bases for U.S. troops to operate from as both countries agreed to accelerate the full implementation of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) that will house American troops and their equipment in Philippine military camps located in strategic areas of the country. The […]