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MSC(SS) MICHAEL RODRIQUEZ 1948 - 2013Michael John Rodriguez
18 May 1948 – 23 October 2013
Many things can be said about Mike Rodriguez. Known to friends and acquaintances as a friendly, generous, charismatic sense of humor, empathic, and decisive man, his compassionate nature would always shine through, revealing his charm, warmth and his wiliness to give a helping hand is unparallel. He was warm hearted, gentle with loved ones, but firm when he needed. Mike was a politician and philosopher by heart, but a military man by trade. The last ¾ of his life, he was mentor, a down to earth person that could see things clearly, leading others and brought out the best in all those around him. Even when he was down, Mike generally had a positive spirit that was contagious.
Mike Rodriguez was born May 18, 1948 in Los Angeles. His parents were Beatrice (Perez) and Mike N. Rodriguez. Mike was raised in the Catholic Church in Monterey Park, California. He was active in Scouting, played high school football at San Gabriel Mission, and always found ways to make a dollar.
In 1966, Mike found a calling that would forever pave his way into life. Not only did he volunteer in the Navy in the early stages of the Vietnam War, but he joined the Silent Service. To those served, you would refer him as a 'double volunteer' in the Submarine Service. Following Navy Boot Camp and Commissary School he met Margaret Anne Havens and shortly there after they became one in marriage. They both moved to Connecticut for Sub School then on to Norfolk, Virginia.
In 1970, they both moved to Hawaii to serve on the Pacific Fleet. On March 24, 1971, their first son Michael was born. In 1973, Mike was transferred to Washington State for his first of only two Shore Duties. Once again in 1977, the Rodriguez family was transferred to San Diego, Ca. to yet again to serve on even more boats of different variant classes. A hallmark of his naval experiences, he was able to set foot on all seven continents and sailed every sea to include seeing places that can not be told due to special missions. As a final stent of his career, his final Shore Duty was where he began his career at the Naval Training Center San Diego were he retired in 1986 as a Chief Petty-Officer/E-7.
Mike's naval career stretches out to twenty-one years, seven months, and seven days to the day. His service to his nation as a non-commissioned officer provided him a myriad of leadership positions to include various experiences during the "Cold War" era.
The following is a small example of Mike's service:
  • RTC USNTC San Diego, Ca Oct 66-Jan67
  • SSC/NTC San Diego, Ca Feb 67-Apr67
  • NAVSUBBASE New London, Ct. May 67-Jul 67
  • USS Carp SS-338 Aug 67-Jan 68
  • USS Requin SS-481 Jan 68-Dec 68
  • USS Sea Leopard SS-483 Dec 68-Aug 70
  • USS Nathan Hale SSBN- 623 Sep 70-Jan 75
  • NAVTORPSTA Keyport Wa. Aug 76- Aug77
  • USS Gurnard SSN-662 Nov 77- Nov78
  • USS W.H. Bates SSN-680 Sep 79 -Sep 83
  • USS Gudgeon SS-567 Sep 83-Nov 83
  • SSC/NTC San Diego Dec 83-Nov 86
Near the end of his long career with the Navy, he pursued many different business opportunities that provided his life with many friendships along the way. One particular business adventure, Mike Rodriguez Trucking, gave him yet another opportunity to travel the southwest, northwest, and the mid-west of our country. He was able to put more miles of driving than most large families do in a life time. More importantly, he always found ways to travel to or go out of his way to visit his precious grand children during his business trips. Mike's latest business, Belle Vista Outfitters, a sporting goods store that specialized in black powder weapons, was truly a fulfillment of a dream that he had.
Another passion which brought him great pleasure was cooking. The unique thing about his cooking was his mass amounts of cooking in one setting. Those who experienced his cooking never went home hungry and most decided to go on a diet afterwards. Mike's creative skills in the kitchen filled more tables in the family than the thousands of sailors that he provided for in his naval tenure. Throughout the entire family, this was another fine quality about Mike that will be missed. However, even after his retirement, he used his skill sets to provide breakfasts for the Submarine Veterans of San Diego on multiple occasions.
Margaret & Michael RodriquezMike passed away on 23 October, 2013 at home. He is survived by his wife, Margaret; son Michael; daughter in law Diana; grandchildren, Diego and Monique; brother Frank; sister Betty Jean, and three nephews. Mike received full military honors at his memorial service. As per Mike's wishes, he was finally laid to rest at sea with his ashes spread across the Pacific Ocean.
Throughout his life, Mike was a gracious and an enthusiastic man. He was generous in sharing his personal attributes, giving and helping those who he knew and loved. He would often fill the role of those who needed advice, and brought out the best in everyone. He was imaginative, original in thought, tender hearted, and easy to get along with, Mike leaves behind him a legacy of life long friendships and cherished memories. Everyone whose lives he touched will dearly remember Mike Rodriguez.

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