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USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680), Diego Garcia, 1983

It is the fourth of July, and it seems both fitting and proper to remind you of what we do at Cold War Boats to honor the memory of those who gave so much to preserve the freedoms on which this country was founded and that have so long endured.

The Cold War Boats Association exists in service to the men who served on the submarines of the United States Navy Submarine Service during the forty-six years of the Cold War, those sailors that supported them, their families, friends, and associates.

The three-fold mission of the Association is:

  • Assisting shipmates from years ago in reconnecting, simply, easily, and without compromising their privacy,
  • Preserving the unclassified history of Cold War submarine crews and their boats in the form of photographs, stories, artifacts, and audio or video recordings, and
  • Honoring the sailors and families who sacrificed so much to help bring an end to the Cold War.

Everything we do is aligned to these three precepts, from the daily development of a complex, secure, and private website, to building an organization that can sustain these functions after those of us who served have finally shipped our oars.

If you served on a Cold War boat, the Cold War Boats Association exists for you!

If you were a spouse or family member of a Cold War submarine veteran, then the Association is for you as well.

If you supported Cold War submarines in deep submergence research, rescue, tenders, or the training pipeline, we couldn't have done it without you. You are welcome here.

As a friend or associate of a Cold War submarine veteran, what we did, we did for you, and those like you. You are also welcome here.

The Cold War Boats Association cannot function without your support. Your photographs, your sea stories, your artifacts, your financial contributions, your volunteer hours in tracking down missing shipmates or administering the hundreds of boats represented here are required for the Cold War Boats Association to pursue our mission.

Please forward this to a friend. If you received this from a friend, please register, and consider a becoming a Patron, Sponsor, or Contributor, or a volunteer to help us build the Cold War Boats Association.

Every hand helps, and remember, we are doing this for you!

USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN 687) departs Mare Island Naval Shipyard
  • Date: 04JUL22
  • From: Brad Williamson, Lead Administrator
  • RE: Current activity on the coldwarboats.org website.
  • •Eleven fully functional sites, including the USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680). (Located by menu items shaded light orange):
    • USS GRENADIER (SS 525)
    • USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571)
    • USS STURGEON (SSN 637)
    • USS ASPRO (SSN 648)
    • USSVI - USS HADDO Base (Cleveland, TN)

USS GRENADIER (SS 525) center, USS ARCHERFISH (SS 311) left, and USS CHOPPER (SS 342) right

Date: 14APR22

From: Brad Williamson, Lead Administrator

RE: Current activity on the coldwarboats.org website.

    • Seven fully functional sites, including the USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680). (Located by menu items shaded light orange):
      • USS GRENADIER (SS 525)
      • USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571)
      • USS STURGEON (SSN 637)
      • USS ASPRO (SSN 648)
      • USSVI - USS HADDO Base (Cleveland, TN)

USS ASPRO (SSN 648) and crew in drydock, Pearl Harbor, HI

Date: 02 FEB 22

From: Brad Williamson, Lead Administrator

RE: Current activity on the coldwarboats.org website.

  • Four fully functional sites, in addition to the USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680). (Located by menu items shaded light orange):
    • USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571)
    • USS STURGEON (SSN 637)
    • USS ASPRO (SSN 648)
    • USSVI - USS HADDO Base (Cleveland, TN)
  • Two sites currently under development. (Also located by menu items shaded light orange):
  • Features added:
    • File upload capability added for 571, 637, 648, 600, 616 for images and documents. Found at the bottom of each of the four boat menus - The Boat, The Men, The Logroom, The Reunions.
    • Historical timelines for 571, 637, and 648, under The Logroom >> History.
  • Shipmates Added:

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

~ 1 John 4:9,10

Christmas – 200 feet deep in the South China Sea

Black steel slid silently through the depths. Somewhere, somewhere else, it was Christmas. But here, in the cold and dark, it was combat. The red control room lighting barely revealed the intensity, but it was real, as real as the rising hackles of a suspicious guard dog.

Somewhere else it was Christmas. Our attack sub was rigged for ultra-quiet; no sound would be allowed to reveal our location. This intercept had been too hard won to betray ourselves with a dropped spoon in the galley, a hatch slammed closed, or…even a Christmas carol.

Moving quietly through the boat, underlining the seriousness of our situation with quiet whispers, it was easy to notice the emptiness of our attempts at holiday cheer. The tinsel in the wardroom, a few battered ornaments in the crew’s mess, and a plastic tree that would have embarrassed Charlie Brown were a painful counterpoint to what wasn’t there. No traditional carols, no holiday music, no warm baking smells, no friends sipping cider, no family. There you had it. Something else sacrificed for the mission. This job was tough enough on a good day, but another Christmas away from family made it pretty easy to feel sorry for yourself.

A brief stop by Radio to check message traffic revealed a single strip of flimsy taped to the door:

Written by USS WILLIAM H. BATES (SSN 680) submariners Dean Macris (73-75) and Tim Mazza (73-76), Moral Revenge is a work of fiction about family, honor, devotion, and revenge set in the world of fast-attack submarines. When global events, egos, and naval careers drive the United States Navy to use Vice Admiral Alexis Kochenko as a scapegoat it shakes him and his family to its core.

Finding himself inadvertently complicit in a corrupt consortium jeopardizing the safety of the elite submarine service that he and his son have committed their lives to, the Admiral is consumed protecting the family name and the legacy his Lithuanian immigrant parents had so hoped to create.

Torn by revenge, patriotism and honor, the Admiral’s son, John Kochenko, the commanding officer of one of the Navy’s newest nuclear fast attack submarines, the USS REDFISH (SSN 68X), risks everything as he leads a select group of crew members to do the unthinkable. In apparent disregard for his family tenets, John sets out to right the wrong done to his father, simultaneously exposing the consortium in hopes to save his family, the United States Submarine Service, and the country from an unimaginable fate.

Moral Revenge triggers every human emotion, leading you to ask the crucial question: “Was this final act justified?”


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